Lady Gaga “Telephone” ft. Beyonce Official Music Video

The video was actually taken off the MTV website and a number of other sites as well – I guess it probably is a bit inappropriate for their younger viewers – the video is pretty explicit and there isn’t a censored version out yet. 

Lady Gaga is always out to shock and “Telephone” is no exception. It’s definitely her most shocking music video to date. I do warn you, there are contents in there that may offend some viewers.

The 9minite plus long big-budget video, is a continuation from her “Paparazzi” video – which saw her arrested for poisoning her boyfriend. The Quentin Tarantino inspired video was directed by Jonas Akerlund, who also directed “Paparazzi” and co-wrote both songs with Gaga.

I ABSOLUTELY love this video – I think it’s artistic, creative and like a mini film (it’s nearly ten minutes long so it practically is a mini film): 

I see Virgin mobile is Gaga’s choice of “Telephone”


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