MGMT Are NOT Pop Stars.


After the huge success of their first album Oracular Spectacular, MGMT were less than impressed with all the mainstream success. The guys see themselves are a “Rock band” and have no intention of playing huge arenas.

Band member Andrew Van Wyngarden says:“We’ve recently been offered support slots with a ton of big bands. Really huge, enormous, big bands – Like Lady Gaga and U2 and ColdPlay and Foo Fighters. And we turned them all down. We really didn’t want to do any of that”.

The Band feels as though their music has been misinterpreted, and says their second album Congratulations is a reaction to that.

I think on some level Congratulations is a reaction to the success of the first one. I mean, of course we were happy and felt lucky that stuff happened, but it wasn’t really what we were shooting for. I think a lot of people misinterpreted and misunderstood what we were about,”  he adds.

Fellow member Ben Martin Goldwasser also says;

“Well, we really do feel like we were blown out of proportion by everybody. We don’t feel like pop stars, we feel like a rock band. We don’t want to play arenas. It’s not our mission.”

Playing arenas doesn’t make you a ‘pop star’ – as long as the music isn’t diluted in the process, its all good. Some of the best rock bands play huge arenas – it just means you have lots of fans.But I can totally understand where the guys are coming from – they just want to make music and didn’t particular want all the huge hype and fame that can come with it.

But hey – it’s not the worst thing that can happen.


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