Christina Aguilera’s Grande Comeback

I grew up listening t Christina Aguilera, so I was pretty disappointed with her previous album. It had no edge to it and she was completely over shadowed by new exciting acts such as Lady Gaga. 

But it seems like MRS ‘Dirty’ is coming back properly this time around. Judging from the artwork for her new single “Not Myself Tonight” – the feisty Christina we know and love is back.


She’s pulled out all the stops for this new album, working with top producers and collaborating with big names, including M.I.A, The Neptunes, Linda Perry and Goldfrapp.

The married singer had a rare night out in LA last night – leaving husband and baby at home – as she celebrated her single release party.


I look forward to hearing the new material and hope she does really well. I remember buying her first album years ago when I was in high secondary school.

Blast from The Past

I’m going to leave you with my favourite song from her debut album. Aw it takes me back to 1999; the days when I was care-free tween – Britney was still a virgin, boy-bands were in style, grunge was at full force and Eminem was the prince of rap – those were good times.

Can I jump into a time machine and go back to that era please? Pretty please?

Ok, I’ll just float away in a moment of nostalgia, so here’s Christina Aguilera’s number one hit “Come On Over (All I Want Is You)”  – ‘float’ back to 1999 with me….


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