Usher “Lil Freak” ft. Nicki Minaj Music Video

So I’ve just seen the new Usher “Lil Freak” video featuring Nicki Minaj and I really like it, but if I’m being completely honest it seems like Usher’s lacking his old spark. The same Usher of “Yeah” and “Pop Ya Collar” is not so visible anymore. This new song and video is HOT, but without Nicki Minaj on the track, I’m wondering if I’d still be as excited about the song? I couldn’t find a link to post the video on my blog, but you can watch the full video by clicking here —> 

Don’t get me wrong Usher’s still got it going on, but his position as the reining king of sexy RnB/Pop is not so valid anymore. I do believe he’ll come back and reclaim his place, but for now his big comeback and new music is nowhere near as strong (and successful) as his “Confession” days.

So Who’s Going To Dethrone Usher?

Well Justin Timberlake’s taking a long break from music and God knows when he’ll decide to go back into the studio. He seems more interested in making movies these days. It was looking likely that Chris Brown was going to take that place, but after the whole violence situation with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, there’s pretty much no chance of that happening now. Justin Bieber’s too young (maybe in five years time).

Step forward Trey Songs….. 

He can sing and he’s been around for many years now, so he’s crafted his skill over the years. Oh and he’s FINE. Let’s be honest the man looks good. Ever since 25 year old Tremaine Aldon Neverson ditched the cane rows and adopted a more mature gentleman style, he’s won over a new legion of new fans and reinvented himself as a sexy, smooth ladies man.

I think he’s definitelly the front runner to take Usher’s place if Mr. Raymond doesn’t step up his game. Here’s Trey’s sexy video for “I Invented Sex”

In hindsight there’s room for everyone. So I guess rather than pin these two against each other, we (or should I say I) should embrace them both. My only point was that Usher’s music is not as good as it used to be or as it could be – I believe he has more potential.

But with that all said though, I strongly believe he’ll be back to his best in no time and of course there’s space for more than one sexy RnB crooner – the more the merrier.


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