Floral Dresses + Knee High Grass + Sade = :-)

If you don’t already have Sade’s latest album “Solider Of Love” go get it, ’cause you’re really missing out. The album is a master piece. It’s like therapeutic, relaxation heaven. Pure bliss I tell ya. There’s this one song in particular “Be That Easy” that I’m in love with. When I listen to this song I envision myself running across a field where the yellow grass grows knee high, wearing a long floral dress.

Yep, I can see it already and it’s like a slice of mini heaven.

I was browsing some floral dresses on one of my favourite online stores – ASOS – and I came across a few dresses that I believe are perfect for the task at hand:


This Gestuz printed Bandeau Maxi dress is long enough to get the full affect, but it might clash with the yellow grass. It’s a beautiful dress none-the-less and definitely to be worn on a separate occasion.


This Ted Baker butterfly dress is perfect. It’s white, so there’s no chance of me blending in with the yellow/green background. I just may have found my dress.


I’m a huge fan of the African prints this season and these ASOS AFRICA dresses are making me rethink hard about my choice of attire. Oh decisions decisions….






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