Clogs Are Making A Comeback


Its official, clogs are making a comeback this year. With celebs like Alexa Chung and Ashley Olsen wearing them and designers like Chanel and Miu Miu featuring them in their ad campaigns, it seems like the popular wooden 90’s footwear may be coming back in style.





I’m all for throwbacks, but I certainly WON’T be embracing clogs. I had about six pairs back in the day, but fashion in the 90’s was so wrong. Looking back they were a huge fashion no-no. 

So clogs are supposed to be ‘in’ now. Just because your favourite celeb is wearing it or a fashion magazine says its ‘cool’ – it doesn’t mean it is. By all means go get a pair of clogs if you genuinely like them, but don’t get them just because it’s a trend. I love reading fashion mags, because I love clothes and fashion. Don’t just blindly follow fashion, wear what you like – whether it’s in style or not.

I personally find clogs clumpy, heavy, uncomfortable and pretty ugly looking. So I for one will not be rocking this 90’s throwback.


3 responses

  1. The clogs are more modern and sexy looking so its good to see them again. I hope there are some with lower heels, coz some of us are worried about our spines.

  2. Some of the clogs look ok, but i wonder if many people really like the look. But you never know, people always like change and adaptions, so we keep our eyes peeled.

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