ITV Please Bring Back Footballer Wives!


Back in the day I used to love the ITV drama Footballers Wives. That show was hilarious. It was drama central. It had footballers, WAGs and scandal. Oh and some more drama. It was loosely based on real life premiership footballer’s lives – from the interpretation of David Beckham moving to Madrid and having his manager kick a boot in his face, to the whole ‘roasting’ saga in Marbella. That show was a very entertaining to say the least.

Right now we’re at a time where premiership footballers lives are at its most dramatic it’s ever been. These days you’re more likely to read about footballers in the front pages of the tabloids rather than on the back pages. And with the latest revelation that Wayne Bridge is allegedly dating Kim Kardashian, it just seems like the timing is perfect for ITV to bring back Footballers Wives. There is just so many content to choose from.


Possible Footballers Wives Story Lines

National Captain and premiership player Jack Perry (who’s married with kids), has an affair with best mate and team mate Dwayne Tunnel’s Spanish ex-girlfriend – who just happens to be a little bit of ‘whore’ as she’s apparently bedded half the squad.

Fellow team mate Travis Mole, cheats on his actress girlfriend, via ‘sexting’ – a phenomenon that’s huge at the moment – everyones doing it.

Also manages brawling on the pitch, teams going bankrupted and unable to pay their players, managers facing the sack etc. And that’s not even including the title race and relegation fight.  There’s just too much going on I can’t keep track.

ITV bring back Footballers Wives – it’s only right.


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