Playboy Bunny Outfits On Sale For The First Time

In 1960 Huge Hefner opened his first playboy club in Chicago, and then later opened a chain of clubs across the US (only one club – in Las Vegas – still remains, but the legacy lives on beyond that). The clubs were one of the most exclusive nightspots in the world and were famed for the waitresses iconic sexy bunny outfits.

The Playboy clubs were always filled with models, actors, musicians, playboy types and all those in-between. It was definitely the place to be. Gotta’ love the swinging sixties. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong era. The 60’s seemed so fun. You had Woodstock, the Playboy club heyday, the hippie years and Motown. If only I could find a working time machine and go back a few decades.

One of the most memorable things of the Playboy clubs is the famous bunny outfits worn by the waitresses. The sexy piece, complete with bunny ears and fluffy tail, is one of Playboys most iconic accessories to date. I’ve always wanted one. I once wore a bunny outfit for a fancy dress Christmas party, but you kind of always feel like you’re wearing an imitation of the Playboy version, as that’s what it’s based on. But there was no chance of me getting an ‘original’ playboy version, as Hugh Hefner has firmly protested against marketing any bunny outfits based on the uniform at his Playboy Clubs.

However, In honour of the Clubs 50th anniversary, Hef (as they cal him) will be selling a limited edition bunny inspired outfit. This is a big deal. For many years he’s been strongly against marketing these outfits in any way, shape or form. But I guess with the 50th anniversary you have to do something big and spectacular.

But don’t go thinking this is just some big money-making scheme and that these bunny outfits will be available in every store. Nope. The limited edition pieces are ONLY available in Ann Summers. So if you live outside the UK, you have to order them online. Good thing I live in London hey – I knew it would come in handy one day 🙂

I for one will be going down to central London to an Ann Summers store to get myself a bunny outfit, because the next time I wear a bunny costume, it will be authentic this time around. Also Ann Summers outfits tend to be very flattering on the female figure. So can’t really go wrong there can you? –>

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