Kylie Minogue ‘Most Powerful’ Celebrity In Britain

Kylie Minogue beat the likes of Cheryl Cole, David Beckham and the almighty Simon Cowell to be named the most powerful celebrity in Britain. Research company Millward Brown questioned 2,000 people, about 100 celebrities and 100 brands, seeing who had the most “buzz”.

I’m not too sure how accurate this result actually is. I would have put my money on Simon Cowell personally. I do like Kylie though.

The celebrities who charted as poor role models include shamed golfer Tiger Woods, dropped England captain John Terry, as well as Jonathan Ross, Paris Hilton, Katie Price and Amy Winehouse.

Here’s the top ten list of the ‘most powerful’ celebrities:

1) Kylie Minogue

2) Cheryl Cole

3) David Beckham

4) Ant & Dec

5) Joanna Lumley

6) Terry Wogan

7) Jamie Oliver

8 ) George Clooney

9) Sean Connery

10) Helen Mirren


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