Danni Minogue Not being Axed From X-Factor


Last weekend it was splashed all over the Sunday newspapers that Simon Cowell was going to axe pregnant judge Danni Minogue as she would be going into labour half way through the audition stages. I never just blindly believe what I read in tabloids, plus I don’t think Simon Cowell is silly enough to axe a woman because she’s pregnant – the backlash would be too intense.

In last years X-Factor Danni really came into her own. The previous year she was totally over-shadowed by the charismatic Cheryl Cole, but in last years X-Factor Danni blossomed and really transformed herself. Her stylish dresses and funky shot hairstyles (which changed every week), topped with her down-to-earth personality, made her incredibly likable and dare I say it, I actually Preferred her over the “nations sweetheart” Cheryl Cole – that’s in 2009 though, 2010 is a whole new ball game.

So I was glad to hear that X-Factor bosses are not planning on getting rid of Kylie’s younger sis. Obviously I love the singing contest, but I also love the fashion ‘style-offs’ just as much and in 2009’s show, no-one had more style than Danni.


Here’s what a show insider had to say about Danni’s position with the upcoming show:

  “Dannii will definitely be back and has not been axed. There has been a lot of speculation but we want her back. She really blossomed last year. Dannii gave an absolutely blinding performance in the X Factor last year – the whole nation was captivated by her. She has a poise and a confidence and is completely compelling.

“It would be completely impractical for her to do the audition rounds, and a lot will depend on what she wants to do following the birth. Last year the contract wasn’t signed until June, so she’s not worried at all.

“She loves the X Factor and it is a huge priority for her, so she will do what it takes to make the situation work for everyone.”

I’m very glad to hear that. Getting guest judges until Danni is ready to return is definitely a good idea. Paula Abdul is clearly absent from this years American Idol, but the audition process was probably been even more exciting this year, as they had a host of celebrity guest judges – Mary J Blige, Joe Jonas and Victoria Beckham, just to name a few.

They don’t even have to hire only musicians. Ellen Degeneres is doing a damn good job. She’s actually my favourite judge on that show.

I can’t wait ’till the new X-factor begins.


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