Artist To Watch Out For: Burns

Growing up I was never really into dance/trance/techno music. I’ve always been into UK garage and drum n bass (so I do like dance music), but I never really ventured out to other areas of the genre.

Well that was until I went to Ibiza a couple of years ago and that totally changed my perception. I was introduced to a new wave of music that I’d been shunning for years, not knowing it’s probably the best type of rave music going.  It was kind of like a revolution even – but let me not get too carried away – I tend to do that sometimes.

Last summer I went to Tiesto’s gig and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. So I’m always on the look out for new artists in that genre and surrounding genres.

One artist/DJ I’m really feeling at the moment is Burns AKA The “composer of European sex dance music.”

I wanted to upload his new single “Kiss N’ Hold” it’s such a club banger, but I’m having problems uploading it onto my blog – ‘boo’ me I know.

Alternatively check out the video for “So Many Nights” which is equally as good:

I guarantee you Burns is an artist you’ll soon be hearing a lot about very soon. Mark my words; just remember you heard it from me.

If you wanna’ find out more, check out his MySpace and twitter:




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