The big thing at the moment in fashion is high street meets high fashion; Designers teaming up with big high street chains, giving ordinary people the chance to wear their designs at a reasonable price. But designers teaming up with sports wear brands are slightly less common, but Hussein Chalayan and Puma make it seem so natural.

Hussein Chalayan is arguably my favourite designer. The man is a visual artistic genius. The way he fusses fashion with technology is simply amazing. His art is so futuristic and one step ahead of the rest. Even the more ‘plain’ looking designs are still artistically intriguing. 

Hussein Chalayan x Puma’s Urban Mobility Collection bridges fashion with performance. Unlike some other designers whose high street designs are nowhere near as good as their original more pricey pieces, Chalayan has kept this collection equally as visually exciting and creative as his other designs. This is exactly why I love the man. 

When it comes to sports wear I normaly sway more to Nike and Adidas, but with Hussein Chalayan as Icreative director, I just may check out Puma a bit more often.


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