It’s Official: The Election Will Be on May 6th

The battle for number 10 is officially on. Gordon Brown has finally announced the election date, which will be Thursday May 6th.  

I’m going to be very open minded with this election and see which party has the best policies before I officially declare who I’ll be voting for.

Both David Cameron and Brown made live speeches in Central London this morning and I have to say Cameron was stronger on this first part of the battle. His speech was very Obama/JFK style. He mentioned ‘change’ a lot and delivered his message very well and I was quite impressed.

Gordon Brown on the hand lacks the type of stage presence and charisma that Cameron and Tony Blair have, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of the running. I just wish he’d focus more on what he can do as oppose to snide comments about Cameron’s wealthy background. He opened his speech with “I’m an ordinary man, from an ordinary middle class background,” which was clearly a snipe at Cameron’s Etonian background.

I’m not from a privileged background, hard work has always been installed in me in order for success, but surely it’s more important what a Prime Minster can do for the people of all backgrounds, not what background they came from?

This may sound as though I’m ‘team Tories’, but I’m not, I’m trying to be neutral until I’ve officially made up my mind. I just think Cameron was stronger today.

I look forward to this election – let the battle commence.


2 responses

  1. The long awaited date has been ticked, so everyone get knocking on doors. Please use your votes wisely. The youth should be encouraged to be active.

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