‘Perfect’ Cleavage


So I’m heading to Shoreditch House tomorrow with a few of my college friends. It’s so nice to see all my girls together and see how we’ve all grown up into amazing young woman. I’m so proud of them, we’re all hard working ladies now and it’s just beautiful to see my friends doing well in their chosen field.

But anyway enough mushy mushy talk and let me get to the point of this blog. I’m off to Shoreditch House tomorrow for cocktails and chit chatter with some of my best girlfriends and I bought this amazing LBD a couple of weeks ago that I’m yet to debut. Problem is its quite low-cut, but in a weird sort of way and if you don’t have a reasonably sized bust it doesn’t quite have the same affect. Damn you mother for not giving me a bigger bust!!!

I had tried a Wonder bra with it, but that’s really not me. It’s a bit OTT (especially for this occasion) and with the particular cut of the dress it just looked wrong.


I was shopping after work (as you do) and got a few bras from Ann Summers…. and voila, problem solved. I’m in love with their bras. It’s not a wonder bra and it’s not even particularly a cleavage enhancer, but it just compliments the cleavage in a way that I can’t really explain. Its like the people who design their bra’s know how to compliment a woman’s physique, no matter what size she is – it’s amazing – Thank you to the people who design the cutting and fittings on Ann Summers bras, you’ve rescued my outfit.

So now I have my outfit ready for Friday night (woohoo). Hope you little pumpkins have a great weekend too xoxo


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