Song Of The Day: Scarface | My Block

I went to a house party/drink up last night in Bethnal Green and we got into this big hip-hop debate (I love a good debate). Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my hiphop – so this was right up my street – The debate really got me thinking how much I miss the rap days. Hip-hop is lacking the simple rap element. You know, where the flow and the rhyming is the biggest and most important part of the song.  So I’m going to leave you with Scarface’s “My Block” as song choice of the day. This guy embodies what rap is:


2 responses

  1. i feel what you’re saying here. A friend of mine posted this on fb. As I watched I knew I had to post it here too. For me this is what REAL hip hop is. It’s a perfect example of that simple rap element you mention in your post. Although I wonder how many so called rappers would find what this guy does so simple to do?

    • Oh Wow. Now this is the Truth – in every sense of the word.

      This is deffo my fave f64 so far, not only does he spit and rhyme so well, he speaks more sense than any of these rappers wish they could ever do so.

      Thanks for posting this!

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