Why Heidi? Just Why?

I’ve gotta be honest, The Hills is one of my favourite shows. This season will be the last ever one (such a shame). But hey, there’s always the re-runs.

Seriously though, I LOVE me some Hills. I would say it’s my guilty pleasure, but I’m not guilty about it at all. I’ll openly confess my love for that show, with no shame what-so-ever. I feel like I’ve grown up with Lauren, Kristen and the gang. I used to watch Laguna Beach from the very beginning and when they left high-school and went on to college, that’s the same time I was moving out of home to go up to Birmingham for university. OK it’s  not quite California, but hey, student life is student life, where-ever you are . When they graduated and were doing an internship at Teen Vogue (The Hills), I too was fresh out of uni and interning at ASOS. Now they’re ‘working’ young women and so am I. Basically I’ve grown up with that show and they may live in La La Land, but so many of the things they go through, most young woman can relate to: From growing up and graduating, to relationships and failed friendships. But most importantly its just good drama-filled, (slightly) trashy TV.

Seeing these new pictures of Hiedi Montag from yesterday’s grand opening of Liquid at the Aria Resort in Vegas is kind of shocking. The way she’s dramatically changed in front our eyes is really sad. Who has ten plastic surgeries in one day? And at 23 years old that’s crazy. It just goes to show how much the limelight can change a person if they don’t surround themselves with the right people.

All I know is the season finale is going to be a great one. It would be so cool if Lauren made an appearance for the final episode, we miss LC.

OK maybe The Hills is my guilty pleasure after all…


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