Items Of The Week

It’s Friday (woop woop) so I’m going to give you a little round up of some items I’ve seen this week that have caught my eye.

Formal (Casual) Outfit Of The Day: Motel Demi Jumpsuit

I’m going to the opening of this new bar (Barrio Central) In Soho this evening and I’ve opted to wear a black jumpsuit. It’s formal and casual, yet slightly ‘funky’ and interesting at the same time. So my item of the week is this lovely Motel Demi Jumpsuit. It’s simple, but not plain. If worn with the right shoes and accessories it’s just fabulous.


The ‘Shoes I Want’ Of the Week: Karen Millen Floral Shoe

I heart these Karen Millen photographic floral shoe(s). They’re so odd looking. They’re the type of shoes you either love or hate (no in-between). I’m sure there are quite a lot of people who won’t like this design, but I’m not one of them. I love these shoes. I believe If you’re not willing to push the envelope a bit from time to time then what’s the point?!

Sexiest Item Of The Day: Angela Bodystocking @ Ann Summers

We’re kind of keeping on the ‘jumpsuit’ theme here. This one probably wouldn’t be so appropriate to wear at an opening of a bar (well depending on what bar it is you’re going to I guess it could be, but that’s entirely different blog altogether). This Ann Summers body stocking is super sexy. Just add a pair of heels and as their website puts it “you’ll drive him wild.” I totally agree.

Eye Candy Of The Week: James Franco

If being a successful sexy Hollywood actor wasn’t enough, James Franco has just been accepted to the very prestigious Yale University, to undergo a PHD in English. Brains, beauty and talent. Soon he’ll be Doctor Franco. If that isn’t sexy, I don’t know what is.

That’s my little round up of for week. Hope you enjoy your weekend xoxo

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