Hello lovely people of blogville, so sorry I’ve been away for a while. I see you’ve still been reading my blog though – thank you – and apologise for the lack of new updates. I’ll make sure I post quite a few stories today.

Aside from having a fever, cough, a million and one articles to write up and interviewing various musicians, I’ve been working on location all week and have pretty much neglected my blog in the process.

It hasn’t all been bad though: “all work and no play makes Vanessa a dull girl” – that’s not entirely true, on Thursday night I did a bit of partying. Went to Shoreditch House, which is always loads of fun – shouts out to Reggie Yates and Acyde who always know how to throw a good party – then we club hopped to Bungalow 8 after, haven’t done that in a while. Speaking of club/bar hopping, this weekend is the Camden Crawl, I’ve decided not to go, as I’ve just got too many write ups to do, plus I’m going to Bristol tomorrow for the bank holiday. So it’s all good.

Once again thanks for continuing to read the blog, dispite the lack of updates and hope you luvvies have fab weekend.

Nessa xoxo


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