Latoya Luckett Blogs About Destiny’s Child Break up!

Growing up I was a huge Destiny’s Child fan, I remember being thirteen years old and doing the “No No No” dance. It was such a shame to see the way they spilt in such bitter terms. Whenever we think of a possible DC reunion, we think Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle, but I’d like to see a reunion that included original members Latoya and Latavia. Oh wait there was Farrah as well too. Damn I don’t know whose worse, Destiny’s Child or Sugababes?

Swiftly moving back to the point, original member Latoya Luckett wrote an exclusive blog for where she discusses the Destiny’s Child break up:


3 responses

  1. But Latoya, you are wrong. I was just visiting with the Father, and Destiny’s child lives next door. Destiny seems to be okay also.
    Do you have a child?
    Do you want her Destiny to be bright?
    Check out my blogs.
    Hope all is well with you and all your loved ones.
    Best regards,

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