Kelly Rowland Dismisses Beyonce Rumours

Lets be honest it’s been while since we saw Kelly Rowland and Beyonce pictured together, and if it does happen, it doesn’t happen often. Based on this, the press have been speculating that the two songbirds have fallen out. Where as we regularly see Beyonce pictured with little sister Solange and fellow ex DC member, Michelle Williams, but we never see Kelly and Beyonce together. That doesn’t necessarily mean the pair are feuding, but it does cause one to wonder that maybe the singers are not BFF’s anymore. Which is completely normal, they were childhood best friends. I’m not still best friends with all my BFF’s from primary school. A lot of the times when you grow older, you grow apart from some of your friends. It’s not particularly a bad thing; it’s just a process of life. Maybe it’s the fact they keep on claiming to be ‘sisters’ and still “the best of friends” that keeps this story dragging on. Because clearly they’re not as close as they once were.

Whilst on the set of her new video “Commander” Kelly addresses the issue, dismissing any rumours of a feud.

Whether they a still friends or not is one thing, but there is no feud. Now lets jut continue to celebrate and enjoy these fabulous ladies and their lovely music, whether it’s together or individually.


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