Style Candy | Jameela Jamil

I’m loving T4 presenter Jameela Jamil’s style. She’s stylish in such an effortless, high fashion meets high street, sexy/cool way.

I swore I’d never watch T4 again when Simon Amstell left. He was the best. Speaking of Simon, where the hell has he gone? I know he left T4 to do Never Mind The Buzzcocks, but then he left that to do…. I don’t know. Where is he? British comedy needs his rude, sarcastic humour. He’s my favourite comedian. As well as Alan Carr, Jimmy Carr, Russell Brand, Frankie Boyle, OK I could go on for ages. Let’s just say he’s one of my favourite British comedians.

Anyway swiftly moving back to the point at hand; Simon left, but then there was Alexa Chung, who was stylish, pretty and very likable. Then she left. Bummer! But then lil Miss Jameela Jamil came along – Yaay. Who like Alexa, is charming, stunning and oozes style.

She’s always looking fab: Here are some examples:





Ok serious, where’s SimonAmstell?


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