Team Aguilera Fights Back!

When I first saw Christina Aguilera’s new video “Not Myself Tonight” I immediately thought it was very Gaga-like. But after seeing this piece of work by Christina’s fans I slap myself for making a some-what ignorant remark. Xtina is original and it was foolish of me to have made such a comment.

When Gaga first came out, she actually reminded me of Xtina, but she blew up so big that I kinda forgot about Xtina for a bit. But looking back at her old stuff, Christina was the ‘original’ “Diirty” blond bad girl of pop, whose been doing this for ten years plus. So I officially take back that comment.


As you can tell I am a huge Gaga fan and will continue to be. But I can admit when I’m in the wrong and I was totally wrong to claim that Christina was copying Gaga in any way, shape or form. Check out the video below:

Now that’s enough unimportant pop talk, now let’s talk about something worth talking about, like the election. The results will be announced in a few hours. Ok its not quite as exciting as the Obama/McCain election, but its still a big deal.


One response

  1. Gaga’s not copying Christina. Just cos Christina came out first doesn’t mean Gaga’s copying her. There were other’s b4 Christina and they’ll be others after Gaga. Every body is inspired by the singers from earlier generations. Its not a bad thing, its compliment if anything.

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