Birthday Shenanigans

So I’ve been really sick over the last week 😦 I needed to have surgery on my tooth a while back, but didn’t – big mistake – because this caused a gum infection and my cheek ballooned to the size of an apple (true stories). I had to have my cheek cut open – which may I say was an extremely painful experience. So I’ve been sick in bed all week, taking lots of medication, which has made me very drowsy. But today is my final off day, yaaaaaay – Thank God – I was going crazy just doing nothing. So I’m actually looking forward to heading to work on Monday morning. Never thought I’d say that.

I kept my word though, with regards to staying in all weekend. I want to make sure I’m in tip top condition for Monday, I’m taking no chances. My friend had invited me to go to a party over the weekend, she left her old job – which she hates – so she wanted to go out and celebrate. Ha I remember when people used to party when they got a new job, now-a-days its any excuse for a party. Not that I’m complaining of course.

Well seeing as I didn’t party or do anything remotely interesting this week, I’ll upload some pictures from last weeks event. I figured I’ll start uploading some ‘personal’ pics from time to time. It’s my blog after all, so it should reflect me to some degree.

So last week it was one of my friend Satty’s 24th birthday. We went to party and bullshit in Shoreditch House (one of the best locations in London) to celebrate my girls special day.

The birthday girl is the one on the left.

It was a great night, which included lots of dancing, cocktail and campaign (yep I was drunk; the hangover part was not fun, not fun at all). OOhhh and the DJ’s were great.

There was some good live music too, courtesy of Ty and Giggs (pictured bellow). In my opinion Giggs is one of the best rappers the UK has to offer. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you must get to know this talented MC – he’s the truth. Check out this feature I did on him a while back


Mr Hudson was also in the building. Messing up my hair… “don’t touch the weave”  lol. Very nice guy.


The birthday girl had a real good night. I’m not too sure the morning was as much fun though – my headache was pretty intense the following morning.Very good night indeed. Hmm it’s my birthday at the end of this month. Not too sure what I’m going to do this year. Might keep it very low-key this year. Who knows? Certainly not me.


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