Glee x Britney x Ann Summers

I absolutely love Glee. It’s one of my favourite shows at the moment. I just can’t get enough of it. Sue Sylvester is TV GOLD – I Love her. The best episode from the second season is by far The Madonna Episode. I wanted to buy Madonna’s greatest hits after watching it (oh the power of Glee). Sue Sylvester’s rendition of “Vogue” was priceless – television entertainment at its best. With the Madonna series being such a hit, now it seems like there could be a Britney Episode.

Here’s what the shows creator Ryan Murphy said on the subject

“We love Britney, we’re talking to Britney. I think you have to be very careful on the show not to do too many tribute episodes. but she certainly has a huge body of work to pull from and the kids grew up with her so that is a consideration, they love her. “


The Britney Dress @ Ann Summers

On other Britney-related news, I was browsing through one of my favourite lingerie stores Ann Summers and came across what’s arguably one of the sexiest lingerie dresses – it’s called the ‘Britney Dress.’ 

OMG! How sexy is that?  I’ve just ordered one now  😉  I love the description that accompanies it on the site;

Oops we did it again! A seriously sexy lace dress that’s guaranteed to leave your man demanding ‘Gimme more!’


Ohhhh I can’t wait ’till mine arrives. Click here –> to order yours.


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