America’s Next Top Model Gets Major Upgrade

America’s Next Top Model used to be one of my favourite shows. I would watch that show religiously every Monday. Season three was the best – the girls were great – Eva the Diva is my fave winner – Tyra was fierce, Janice Dickinson is arguably the best judge, there was great drama and bitching and photo shoots and fashion was amazing. I just couldn’t get enough of that show.

But I haven’t watched ANTP in about two and half years now. Over the years they didn’t change the format or try to improve it gravely and it just got a bit too monotonous for me. It was just the same old format every season – which got a little boring. Plus it seemed as though Tyra had stopped looking for high fashion models and was instead in search of girls that can model. So the title didn’t really fit the show anymore.

But in a move that’s set to be the beginning of many upgrades to the show, it seems like AMTP is gonna get super fierce again and probably be the best season so far.

L.A. Times’ Joy Press took to her Twitter to make a pretty serious announcement regarding the next season of America’s Next Top Model!

She wrote:

The next America’s Next Top Model winner will get cover of Italian Vogue, not 17. Which means they actually have to find…a top model.

In my opinion Vogue Italia is the best of the franchise, so there’s no doubt in my mind that the contestants are going be super fierce from now on and ready will be able to rival the current high fashion model. Vogue Italia don’t just put any model as their cover girl.

I might just have to check out the new series.


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