Vanessa Laker Talks To Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland: The Interview

Kelly Rowland is well and truly back. Following her Grammy award winning number one hit single “When Love Takes Over” – a collaboration with man-of-moment David Guetta – the R&B songstress has teamed up once again with the DJ to create another sure certain hit. New single “Commander” is out now, I caught up with the star ahead of her performance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend, to talk new album, Avatar and why she loves London so much…


Your new single “Commander” is out now. It’s a very up-tempo track, definitely one for the clubs.

Kelly: It’s definitely a club banger. You know the first time I heard it, I went bananas. It was a choice out of this song and another track, as to which would be the leading single and without a doubt we had to go with this one, I just fell in love with it.

 It’s a different sound from your previous work.

Kelly: I believe as an artist you should always be willing to try new things and push yourself creatively. I’m really enjoying trying new things musically, it’s very exciting. And I just absolutely love the song; it’s a very happy song, with a great party vibe. It’s actually very personal to me as well, because it’s this song that helped me ink my deal with Motown records.

“Commander” see’s you once again team up with super DJ David Guetta. You guys have a special chemistry. What is about him that makes you work so well together?

Kelly:  Working with David is amazing. We have a great relationship, it’s so effortless. He’s such a talented individual. But most importantly he’s such a down to earth, nice guy and I really enjoy working with him. We have good musical chemistry together.

So tell us a bit about the new album?

Kelly:  I’ll definitely be working with David (Guetta) on the new album. He’ll co-produce a couple of the tracks. We haven’t got a specific date just yet, but it will be out by the fall. They’ll be a lot of up-tempo tracks. Right now I’m really inspired by, and feeling the club atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be leaving my urban roots, that’ll be mixed in there too. There’s no specific genre, it will be a mixture of different sounds that express me and where I’m at right now in my career. One should never restrict themselves. Self expression is very important and I’m really excited about this new album, it’s a very exciting project.

You’ve just got back from The World Music Awards in Monaca, where you gave a stunning performance. Do award shows still excite you as much and do you still get nervous before a live performance?

Kelly:  I still get very excited by award shows. I enjoy the whole experience so much. It never gets old. It’s always just as exciting as the first time. As far as being nervous goes, it’s not the kind of nerves that I’d have gotten like in the early days; it’s a different kind of nerves. Not even nerves as such, but when ever you’re performing in front of your peers, there’s always this feeling, which is kind of like excitement nerves.

Performing live is one of the best experiences. Right now I can honestly say I’m really comfortable in my own skin, it’s a beautiful feeling.

I just saw your gorgeous high fashion inspired spread for Cosmopolitan South Africa. Do you have any plans to dabble in the fashion industry?

Kelly:  I think when you do something you have to do it with real passion and right now I don’t have the highest level of passion for it. Maybe in the future… just not right now.

After seeing that amazing spread I definitely think it’s something you should do.

Kelly:  Aw thank you. I’m not really too much into the clothes aspect of it at this point in time, but I would love to maybe do an accessories line. I love jewellery, so a nice jewellery collection, some cute belts, hot sunglasses. I’d definitely be interested in doing an accessories line.

 I look forward to seeing it. Now you’re about to perform at Radio 1’s Big Weekend. Are you looking forward to that?

Kelly:  I’m super excited about The Big Weekend.  This will be the first time I perform “Commander” live in the UK, so I’m really exciting about that. It’s such a fun lively song with lots of energy, so it’s gonna’ be lots of fun. And the weather’s so good right now in the UK, so I’m really looking forward to it.

You have a special bond with the UK and London in particular. What is it about this city that attracts you?

Kelly:  I love London so much, the vibe here is amazing. There’s nothing like it. It’s such an inspiring place. Great atmosphere, great people, I get very inspired every time I’m here.

You’ve been busy promoting your new single and doing shows in numerous countries. Have you had any time to do something fun that’s non-work related?

Kelly:  Four days ago I finally got the chance to watch Avatar and I was completely blown away, that film is so amazing, it’s unreal.

I think I’m the only person on this earth who hasn’t seen Avatar…

Kelly:  You so have to go and see it. It’s one of the most inspiring films you’ll ever watch. As soon as it finished, I wanted to watch it over again. It’s such a great movie, I highly recommended it.

Sticking with the relaxing topic, what do you do to chill and relax on your days off?

Kelly:  I absolutely love cooking. Cooking is my thing. And I love eating as well. Whenever I have free time I love to eat and watch lots of TV. When I get the chance, I like to pretty much be a bum – eat and watch TV.

 This Interview was originally printed on MTV’s website.


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