New Video | Tinchy Stryder | Gangsta? | Feat Tinie Tempah

Here’s the new single and video from Tinchy Stryder featuring fellow London MC Tinie Tempah. I’m REALLY liking this song. I like Tinchy a lot; he comes across like a really nice guy. I’m glad he’s tried a new more ‘hard’ sound with this single and not down the ‘safe’ dance/rap root. Don’t get me wrong, I like the dance/hip-hop sound, but I belive as an artist you have to push the boundaries and switch it up from time-to-time and Tinchie’s done that… and I’m luvin’ it. Tinie brings some good vibes to the track as well.

The UK hiphop scene is on a steady rise. Nice!

4 responses

  1. In the beggining they had to really commercialise their music in order to get airplay on other stations besides MTV base, choice fm and 1xtra. But now music channels and non-urban magazines are embracing british urban music. So now you’re hearing da real Tinchy. I bin listening to him for time, before he went mainstream. THis guys talented. The scond albums gonna sick. He’s just getting started. Trust!

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