Box Office Update: Shrek Triumphs Over Sex And The City

Shrek Forever After held on to the number one spot at the box office for a second week  running, beating Carrie and the girls highly anticipated movie sequel Sex And The City.

Shrek took in an estimated $43 million dollars, while SATC averaged little over $30 million. To make matters worse Jake Gyllenhaal’s Prince of Persia has jumped to the number two spot, pushing the girls to number three.

I went to see Sex And The City over the weekend and if I’m being honest it was a bit of a disappointment. Although I think some of the critics were a bit harsh with their vicious reviews, I have to admit the film was rather stale. There wasn’t really much to the plot. It’s like they just made a movie, to make a movie. The fashion was rather fabulous and very on point, but of course that’s not enough.


2 responses

  1. I read in an article that they attempted to mortgage the style of ‘old Hollywood’ classic movies. Whether or not they successfully grappled with this concept, I’ll conclude once I’ve seen the film. However, I have an inkling this sequel was more like a predetermined path dependency on the established Sex & the City brand? No surprise Shrek usurped the top movie spot then. They’ll continue to be superseded if they fail to creatively innovate – case point Transformers 2; it’s a competitive business environment we’re living in. I reckon the only cinematic dossier that can rake in success solely off of a rich brand idea – despite lukewarm plot lines – is Twilight (self-confessed vamped chick of a fan!). x

  2. I’ve seen the seconde movie, honestly its nothing special, people love SATC so they went to see it, but once they saw it realised it was pants. I hear tey’re planning on making a 3rd one.

    I agree with Elle, Twilight not the greatest film, but ppl will still watch. I love R-pats, so i love the film. But if he was in it or jacob, i’d probably not bother watching it

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