Prince Harry Voted ‘Coolest Guy’ By GQ Magazine

Prince Harry has been voted the coolest guy in the world by GQ Magazine. The bad boy prince beat off the likes of Robert Pattinson, Dizzee Rascal and Reggie Love to get the number one spot.

The magazine describes him as:

A soldier, ambassador, polo player, playboy’, turned his image around after a few youthful gaffes with his stint in Afghanistan

Here’s the the list of the top ten ‘cool guys’:

1.  Prince Harry
2.  Robert Pattinson
3.  Reggie Love
4.  Dizzee Rascal
5.  Jason Schwartzman
6.  Usain Bolt
7.  Ryan McGinley
8.  Dustin Lance Black
9.  Matt Helders
10. Wells Tower


2 responses

  1. I like cheecky Harry,he desrves to win coz he has done alot of charity work and is not stuck up. Well done Prince Harry, keep up the good work.

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