Recently pictures of 50 Cent surfaced on the net in which the rapper looked shockingly underweight. Fiddy dropped the pounds for a movie role, but has bulked up again now that he’s back on tour. How does he do that so quickly?

50 recently explained in an interview with Rap-Up how he managed to lose so much weight for his upcoming film role in the movie, ‘Things Fall Apart’…

“I shot the first half of the film for eight days and then I left for my international tour, and I spent that time training to lose weight. I had a week and a half after coming back to really intensely train to get down to 160 for the last half of the film project, Things Fall Apart. It’s myself, Mario Van Peebles, Lynn Whitfield, and Ray Liotta starring in the project. It’s directed by Mario Van Peebles.

“It was a lot for me to actually get there. After the second week, it was crazy. They say it takes 30 days to make a habit, but man… I was on the Internet and I was looking at Christian Bale, while The Machinist was out, he almost killed himself. I was feeling like maybe I’m overdoing it and I’m dropping 54 pounds, but I was in such a good physical state prior to me deciding to go down on the weight.

“I just trained to get as big as I physically could be for the first half. It felt like I had a lot of muscle on me still and I was trying to lose as much as possible to be authentic to what I saw in my experience, because my motivation for the project was my best friend, Charles Pringle. He lived across the street from me; he actually died of cancer. It’s a serious topic. One out of eight people in the world die of cancer. It tops HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria together. If you’re not actually gonna die of cancer, chances are someone you’re active with in your life is.”

Anyway sticking with the point at hand, 50 is currently hard at work on his fifth studio album, tentatively titled ‘Black magic’, where he is drawing inspiration from Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield.

When asked by Rap-Up how he describes the sound of his new album, the Queens native said:

“It’s still got a soulful vibe to it and that’s why I called it Black Magic. I had some Marvin Gaye-inspired stuff, some things that content-wise would feel like something Curtis Mayfield would do from my perspective, and just the choices of how the cadences on the records were like performance music that they did in the past. It feels brand new. If I didn’t tell you it was inspired by that, you wouldn’t know that I got it from that. I didn’t say the same things that they said; it’s just my perspective on what they offered.”

Things haven’t been so great for 50 recently in the music album sales department. In 2007 50 and Kanye West had their infamous ‘staged beef’ when the rival MCs went head to head in the charts with their new albums. At the time 50 said, if Kanye’s ‘Graduation’ outsells his Curtis, he’ll “retire from music.” Kanye’s album trumped 50’s, but surprise surprise 50 decided to push back those retirement plans for a little while longer.

And sales for his last album, ‘Before I Self Destruct’, were respectively low, especially for 50’s standards. When Jay-Z said, “men lie, women lie, number don’t,” during his acceptance speech at The American Music Awards, many music pundits believed it was a swipe at 50 Cents poor album sales.

It’s fair to say sales for 50 Cent albums have been gradually declining since his record breaking debut smash ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’’ but maybe ‘Black Magic’ is the album that will put 50 back at the top of the hip-hop elite.


This article was initially published on MTV Wrap Up’s website.


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  1. I love 50 cents so i was not happy to see his thin shape. I know its good to make sure that his portrayal of his character is good but i worry about want the severe weight loss will do to his body in the long run. Anyway am looking forward to the film, his acting is top class.

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