Amy Winehouse’s New Man

We all thought she’d re-marry her ex husband, troubled former junkie Blake Civil Fielder, but it seems Amy Winehouse has finally kicked that bad habit  to the side and moved on with her life, as she’s gone and got herself a new man – A decent one at that.

The 26-old Camden lass stepped out publicly for the first time with new beau Reg Traviss – who bares a striking resemblance to Reggie Kray – proving she has officially moved on from her ex, something her father Mitch will be ecstatic to see. He’s probably jumping up and down with joy as we speak (or type/read to be exact). The air have been dating for a few weeks. Good on ya Wino.

Reggie is a film director, writer and producer – very talented guy. Hopefully this is the turning point in the “Back To Black” singers life and we may soon here some great new music from the soulful diva.


One response

  1. Amy whinehouse has made alot of improvements in her life, she needs to get a good friend who will support her. She is looking healthy and beautiful.

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