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I’d been hearing this name Kat Stacks flying around for a while now, not quite knowing who she is or what she does exactly. So, who exactly is Kat Stacks? She’s pretty much a ‘celebrity groupie’ – rappers being her choice of celeb. She finds her conquests, sleeps with them and shares all the gory details on her blog, Twitter and YouTube. She’s kind of like the modern day version of Karrine Steffans. And just like Steffans, she’s brining out a book, where she’ll “reveal everything.”

Stacks claims to have had sexual relations with many rappers, including Fabolous, Mack Maine, Bow Wow and Nelly. Despite the rappers strongly denying those claims, this hasn’t stopped the vixen from going on countless radio stations and pretty much telling anyone who’ll listen about her alleged famous sexual encounters.

However, things have now gotten really ugly. On Friday 28th May, Stacks was attacked in an Atlanta bar by two unidentified men. The incident, which was caught on camera and now all over YouTube, shows Stacks being hit in face repeatedly. The thugs demanded an apology on behalf of both Fab and Bow, raising suspicion that one of the two MCs might have strategized the attack. Both rappers strongly deny having any involvement in the incident.

“That’s not even my character. Come on now, I make songs for girls. Do I look like the kind of n*gga that has goons? That doesn’t even make sense,” Bow Wow tells VIBE in a recent interview. “If I don’t react to a situation that means I’m not even thinking about it. I let everybody on Twitter talk, but I don’t know nothing. That’s real talk. I don’t condone what she does, but at the same time I have better things to do.”

Although Stacks repeatedly claims to have slept with him, the Cash Money signee says he doesn’t even know her. 
“Everything [she claimed about us] was lies. I really don’t know her. When people mention Stacks to me, I’m either thinking money or pancakes. That’s the only stacks I know.”

And when asked if he had any advice for her, he replied, “it seems like people give her advice, but she doesn’t take it. You can’t help people that don’t want to change. Therefore, I have no advice for her. I let God deal with people like that.”

Fabolous also expressed his views on the incident, tweeting: “Why would I SEND a DUDE to smack a GIRL?? But I know who sent someone to smack her… KARMA!! #realshit”

Wow! This situation has clearly gotten out of hand. I totally disagree with her lifestyle choices, but no woman deserves to be attacked by two men. And on the grounds they had no involvement in the incident; I think it’s pretty unfair on both Bow Wow and Fab to be linked or associated with the attack.


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