Heidi & Spencer Broke?

Heidi Montag recently escaped separated from her husband Spencer Pratt and yesterday she made it official by filing for separation at the courthouse.  Word is the two reality stars are now broke. Combined the two were earning $165,000 for a single episode, but they’ve been spending a lot more than they were earning.

A souce says:

“They are completely broke. Their income has dropped — but their spending habits have not. Heidi has never met a designer bag that she didn’t have to have. And Spencer spends all of his money on gadgets, including professional night vision equipment and telescopes.”

I have no idea how these celebs blow through so much money. Its just ridiculous. Here’s how the flamboyant pair burned through their cash:

In the past year, the couple spent $2 million on Heidi’s music, $30,000 to Heidi’s family to pay the morgage, $500,000 on crystals, $500,000 on cars (Porsche, Rolls-Royce and a vintage Camaro) and $400,000 to hire ex- Marines as bodyguards.

The split is apparently over money issues, but divorce may not be in the cards just yet, one unnamed source says for paparazzi agency and celebrity gossip website X17 Online.

“Heidi makes way more money than Spencer, and she wants to protect her finances. She’s a Christian girl and she isn’t ready to file for divorce just yet. The legal separation papers will solve the money problems, but other than that, she hasn’t talked to Spencer in over a week,” the spy dishes.

Another insiders claims the breakup also had something to do with Pratt low popularity with the public.

“She is completely over it. The drama has been building up, and frankly, Heidi has no choice but to separate from Spencer. The public hates him and she knows it. He’s pulling her down, and she’s finally realizing that,” the second source says for the same e-zine.

Do they really have to end The Hills? There’s just so much drama going on and let’s face it, they probably need the money. Just make one more season MTV. Go on!


4 responses

  1. what a ridiculous dated article ..
    are you hontag’s slaves ?
    mtv has banned them & there ain’t a person in their right mind who would hire them ..
    haven’t ya’ heard?
    the 15 minutes is up ?
    yesterday !
    do us a fave’ & save it for the murder / suicide..
    they are vapid slanderous slimeballs & they don’t have a friend in the world ..

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