Lauryn Hill Added To Rock The Bell Festival

Lauryn Hill is officially back. The singer/rapper has been added to the line up for this years Rock The Bells Festival, which will also see performances from A Tribe Called Quest, DJ Premiere, Snoop Dogg, Sweet Sweeper Social Club, Slick Rick and Wu-Tang Clan.

Lauryn’s set was “prepared exclusively for Rock the Bells” and will include hits from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and her work with the Fugees. She’s one of my favourite artists of all time and I really want her to make a proper come-back, because there’s no-one out there who can do it like she did. So she needs to come back and school some of these newer artists and show them what a real singer is like.

Check out this performance of Lauryn singing her 1999 hit X-Factor live in Japan. This performance actually gives me goose bumps – she’s so amazing:


One response

  1. Welcome back Lauryn, I have really missed your songs. I have all your ablums. Keep going girl, you are highly appreciated.

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