Lil Kim Explains Her ‘Beef’ With Nicki Minaj

Ever since Lil Kim went on stage in New York with singer Ray J and made a public attack on fellow female rapper Nicki Minaj, the ‘Kim vs. Nicki’ beef has been officially on. Nicki herself is yet to make a public response, but her Young Money pal Drake let his feelings be known saying “I don’t give a fuck what Lil Kim is talkin’ about” adding he didn’t “respect” her comments.

During an interview with Thisis50 the self proclaimed Queen Bee explains why she made those comments and what her problem is with Nicki:

“For the last year she has been subliminally taken shots at me. Subliminally taken shots at the other girls in the industry. I mean come on, we read that interview where she said “Being that the other rap chicks in the game ain’t got sh*t to do right now, when I’m by the pool they can feed me grapes”. I remember that sh*t, I keep my ears to the street at all the time. Just because I do my Hollywood thing and you know my Malibu Barbie thing don’t mean my ear isn’t to the streets at all time. The last thing she did that was very subliminal “Did I kill the Queen?” and Puffy sitting right next to her riding with that bullsh*t?” Come on! We ain’t stupid.

Let’s go all the way back when when she first came out and was doing all of my songs over. There was certain interviews that she was doing and my fans got upset because she was busting shots at me. Actually she was throwing pebbles. It was nothing. I was blowing them out my face like flies. She said some sh*t on twitter like “Oh f*ck all you Lil Kim fans. Nicki Minaj is the sh*t right now”. I still let that ride

So a little while goes by, I see her at the Lil Wayne concert and I show her love. She sitting here saying she showed me love, I showed her love. She reciprocated it but it was a little war on her behalf. A little obnoxious but whatever. Now from that time on right, I would go on the internet and see little pebbles thrown my way. Anybody that’s in the hip hop industry, we know how this game goes. We know the sh*t she was saying was subliminal, we know it’s a competitive sport and little people are going to try to claim their spot.

My thing was, homegirl got a nice little buzz going. It’s obvious I’m who she wants to be like. It’s obvious that she likes me and wants to be like me but she’s not paying this homage.



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