Noémie Lenoir Gets Back To Work

French model Noémie Lenoir has got her life back on track and is back at work. The former M&S beauty made the headlines last month after an alleged suicide attempt. But those woes were brushed aside as she got back to business, working on a Vogue photoshoot.

Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros tweeted a photo of herself and Lenoir, with the caption “Me and Noémie Lenoir shooting for Russian Vogue in London”.

The 30-year-old Gap and Victoria’s Secret model was found unconscious in a forest in La Celle-Saint-Cloud outside Paris and was reportedly treated for the effects of an overdose.

It’s so good to see she’s back on track and back at work.


One response

  1. Its good Noemie is back to work. Things sometimes look so bad, but if you perservere and try to look at the positive side of things you will always find solutions. Always rememder god when in need.

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