Lady Gaga ‘Half Naked’ At Baseball Game… Again

So last week Lady Gaga turned up at a baseball game wearing just her bra and knickers, this time around she managed to wear a shirt, of course it was unbuttoned, so you could still see her underwear.

OK I love Gaga and all the wacky clothes she wears, but I think dressing like that on stage is fine, but at a baseball game it’s a bit much. Isn’t that illegal? Personally I have no problem with her walking around half naked in a public place, it’s just if it were  a normal person, they’d probably get arrested, so that’s where the question mark falls into place for me. One rule for one and a different rule for others just doesn’t seem cool. 

I Love Gaga, it’s not her I’m questioning, it’s the one’s who make law exceptions for certain celebrities, then harshly punish other public figure for minor offences, just to make an example of them to the public.


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