Happy Fathers Day: Robin Thicke On New Son: ‘He’s My Little Prince’

I was really excited when I found out I was going to be a father because I got the right lady. I’ve been wanting to be a dad for a while. Fatherhood feels wonderful. It feels like a family. Once you leave the house as a teenager you don’t really feel what it’s like to have a family because you’re always with friends so it feels good to feel that sense of family again.

I’m really loving, like my dad. He likes to hold babies and talk to them and hold them different ways and he showed me a couple of new ways of playing with and holding my son. I’ve been inseparable from [Julian] so far. Luckily, I took all this time off so I have yet to find out what being away from him for a long time feels like. He’s my little prince [so] I gotta take over the world in 18 years so I can leave it to him.

Right now my biggest fear is dropping him. When he gets older I’ll be afraid of everything else but fear is good because it makes you wake up and try. I need it as fuel. I just hope that I can stay as cool and calm as my father has all these years. I’m learning patience with [Julian]. You have to be really patient with a baby as they go through everything they need to go through to grow. So patience is the biggest thing.

I plan to pass lessons down to him with love. I just want him to be confident and never stop believing in himself. I want to build a little Michael Jordan, maybe the Michael Jordan of music. I want to get him on instruments first. Singing will come naturally but I want him to know music and how music is supposed to feel.

I plan on making sure I discuss everything with him. I want him to know about stuff and to feel like he won’t be uncomfortable talking to me. Kids need information. They go to school to learn, they watch TV and learn shit so it’s better to learn from their parents. That’s the best way for me to teach him stuff that I want him to learn⎯coming from me. I think the right balance between discipline and unconditional love is the key to fatherhood.

As Told To Starrene Rhett


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  1. Happy fathers day to all the fathers, we appreciate you and value your contribution in your children’s life. Even absent father’s we salute you and pray you change your ways.

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