Kelis Speaks Out About Nas And Her New Man

Last month the one time golden couple of hip-hop Nas and Kelis went through a rather ‘bitter’ and very public divorce. Nas has previously stated that since the split he doesn’t get to see his son as much as he’d like to. Saying when his ex-wife “feels in the mood” she’ll send him pictures, but if she’s not, then it’s “hell” trying to get him – prompting many to believe that there’s still a lot of bitterness and animosity between him and his baby mother.
Kelis recently sat down with gossip blogger Perez Hilton and opened up about her divorce with the legendary Queens rapper. She claims her divorce was “not really” a bitter one and says they get on “sometimes.” 
The Acapella singer also admitted she’s dating again and her new relationship is going “great.” She hinted he may be famous, but confirmed he isn’t a musician.

4 responses

  1. kellis totally sucks for what she’s doing to Nas. Some men don’t even wanna see their kids, yet some men try so hard but their baby mommers are so bitter they wont let em see their kids!

  2. We dont know what went on in their relationship, so we cant judge her. Hopefuly they’ll sort out their different soon for the sake of their child. I love Kelis ho, saw her live last month, she rocks. Glad she’s happy with her new man, but she has to out her personal hatred for her ex husbant aside and do whats right for her son.

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