Drake Dating Snooki?


 This has got to be some kind of rumour. Don’t get me wrong, I like Snooki, she’s so funny on Jersey Shore, but if Drake is dating her I don’t think I can take him seriously anymore. No disrespect to the lovely Snooks.

Personally I think it’s just hearsay, but here’s the latest ‘news’ that’s making the rounds on a lot of the celebrity sites and blogs:

A spy tells Page Six that rapper and former Degrassi: The Next Generation star Drake was spotted cozying up to none other than the Jersey Shore‘s Snooki at a recent event. Uh, what?

From Page Six:

He was flirting with Snooki and trying to get her to come to his after- party. He was holding her hand the whole time.

Unfortunately for Drake and Snooki’s love connection, Snooks was turned away at the door of Drake’s after-party but, according to the spy, when Drake found out he was “really mad.”

Drake has been previously linked to such beauties as Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.


9 responses

  1. Drake’s a douche. First he be crying on every radio station about how he Rihanna broke his heart, thats so wack, get ovet it dude, she got a man. Now he hooks up with Snooki. Man he’s so wack. Dude’s Soft as Hell!

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