Lily Cole Planning To Retire From Modelling?

Lily Cole is one of the biggest catwalk models to come out of the UK in a . But it seems like the flamed haired beuty is ready to cll it a day when it comes to thefashion world and concentrate more on persuing an acting career. She spoke to Vogue UK exclusivly to tell them abot her new career aspirations:

“I love acting and if the right opportunity did come along I would definitely consider quitting altogether,” she told us. “It is certainly something I want to prioritise in the future. It’s not a finite decision though – I may not get the opportunity. If a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came along I’d even consider leaving Cambridge to do a film. I’d definitely weigh up my options and talk to my tutors about flexibility.”

The model has already starred in movies The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and St Trinians. She was also cast as the lead in Marilyn Manson’s film Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll.

“That’s been put on hold unfortunately – we did a short for it at Berlin Film Festival but I think Marilyn got distracted by other projects and we haven’t spoken since last year. He’s such a brilliant man though – he has a really good sense of humour that comes from a very intelligent place. He’s such a sweet, sensitive guy.”

And what roles appeal to Cole the most?

“It’s more about the director than the part to be honest,” she commented. “I’m not committed to doing any specific roles – I’m more excited about playing lots of different parts. As I said the role is secondary. I’d be very interested in anything by Darren Aronofsky, Woody Allen or Godard although I’m not sure he does films anymore.”

Cole admitted she felt her experience as a model had helped her acting skills.

“It’s hard to distinguish whether it has helped but I don’t know any other way,” said Cole. “It’s definitely helped confidence wise. I find acting much more of a challenge – acting is definitely harder.”


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