The Dream Gets Controversial

The Dream recently gave an interview with Parlour Magazine that rubbed many people the wrong way. The producer angered many Ciara fans after he pretty much stated that her new album – which he is helping produce – may be her last opportunity to “fail”. Many of her fans saw this as an insult and vented their anger towards him via twitter.

Here’s what he said:

“You only get so many times to, and I won’t say fail, but not achieve. There’s an expectation of where Ciara should be in her career. To others, she’s achieved but not to us, because we saw where her career was headed. But now she’s back on the horse. When she first came out I, like Lil Jon and Jazze Pha, understood exactly who she was. It was that whole Atlanta vibe because if i’m not Atlanta, no one is. I knew if I had a chance to get with her creatively, there’s a specific type of swagger that she’s got. Tricky and I did her whole album, but it’s not all shallow songs like “Ride.” There’s play time but there’s substance too, it’s a great listen.”

After being bombarded with many messages from angry Ciara fans, The Dream finally responded, tweeting:

“Look up the word context. And also become familiar with the phrase “taken out of context” it helps.

I believed in Ciara when every1 else walked away &talked shit I love her that’s my sister!Actions speak louder than words.”

This wasn’t the only controversial comment he made during the interview. He also explained why he doesn’t help wife Christina Milian out with the baby at home, saying it would turn into “expectations” – another statement that has caused a lot of criticism.

When asked by the journalist if he helps Christina out with the baby, he answered:

“I don’t because my ‘helping out’ turns into expectations. I’ll get Violet (his daughter) on a late night maybe one or two times, but after that, no. If Christina’s tired, call the nanny, call Violet’s granny. We got people.”

After getting a lot negative feedback, he naturally took to his twitter (once again) to address the issue, tweeting:


 “Everyday I’m with my kids is fathers day they will love no matter what! Rich or poor! That’s who I work for!”

Shortly after the tweets, The Dream deleted his twitter account.


2 responses

  1. He sucks for making that comment about if Christina’s tired they have a nanny or she can go to her granny. How lame is he. Grow up mate. It tames more than taking care of ur kids financially to be a g ood parent. Some men make me sick.

    I love Cassie, Im her number one fan!!!

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