Kelis x Baby Knight

Kelis was spotted yesterday out about chilling in Hollywood with 11 month old son Knight. OMG he’s such a cutie pie.

TMZ is reporting that Nas has fallen behind on the mortgage for the house Kelis is currently living in and may possibly have to sell it soon.

TMZ obtained legal docs in which Nas concedes he owes Kelis a skosh less than $300,000 in spousal support. But it seems the most pressing problem is the mortgage for the home Kelis is living in — Nas is behind $52,989.22.

So Nas’ lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, filed a payment plan with the court, in which the rapper agrees to pay $17,500 up front, and then pretty much double the $7,800 mortgage payment each month to catch up.

It’s pretty amazing — Kelis’ lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser, has claimed Nas raked in $244,826 a month.

According to the docs, the plan is to sell the home stat.

Damn! Nas is paying out some SERIOUS child support. The child support system in the US is very different to the one we have here in the UK.


3 responses

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  2. Kelis should strive hard and get all she is owed by Nas, men tend to leave women sweating and struggling looking after children, yet they could afford to pay.

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