Marilyn Monroe chest X-rays sell for $45,000


WOW! This person must be a SUPER SUPER fan

 A set of three chest X-rays of Marilyn Monroe from a 1954 hospital visit was sold at the Hollywood Legends auction for $45,000.

The image was produced in November 1954 at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Florida, USA.
The actress had been admitted for surgery for endometriosis, a condition of the womb which caused her a lot of physical pain.

The X-ray carries her married named of Marilyn DiMaggio, even though she was going through divorce proceedings from Joe DiMaggio at the time

Only In Hollywoood could such a thing happen.


3 responses

  1. I wonder if the person who bought these xrays feels this was the best way to spend his dollars. Anyway eash to their own tastes.

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