Russell Brand Going Back To Radio?

He famously had to give up his BBC Radio 2 job here in the UK, but since ‘Sachsgate’ things have gone from strength to strength for Russell Brand. He hosted the VMA’s twice in a row, where he met his now fiancé, popstar Katy Perry and he’s a fully fledged Hollywood actor. Now it seems our Russell might ready to re-launch his radio career on the other side of the pond.

A source claims Russell is considering hosting his own Radio show.

Russell has been itching to get back on radio for a while now. He has been off doing other things but radio still really tickles him. Russell’s sidekick Matt Morgan is also keen to get writing and broadcasting again. The Sirius deal is in its infancy but Russell is well up for it. He has been given the hard sell about how they could make him the new Howard Stern.

He is desperate to do something with Jonathan Ross again.

Jonathan Ross’ career on the other hand hasn’t been so lucky. He taken a major pay dive and was forced to leave his popular talk show. I’m sure Wossy will bounce back, but ‘Sachgate’ has definitely worked against him… BIG time.


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  1. Russel Brand is NOT my cup of tea, not even with alot of sugar(LOL). No matter what he does i will never see any good in his sense of humour. I think he over dramaticises everything and gets on my nerves.

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