Drake Sued By Playboy!

The more money you make the more problems you get. That seems to be the case for Young Money’s Drake, who’s slowly but surely experiencing the negative aspects of being a huge figure in the public eye. The child actor lived a relatively calm life when growing up in Toronto, Canada. But since making it as a big time rapper, life’s not so calm anymore. Just last year Drizzy was robbed at gunpoint in his home town, prompting him to feel paranoid for a while, understandably… 

Now Drake’s got some legal issues on his hands. Playboy Enterprises are suing him for what they claim is a copyright infringement in his breakthrough single ‘Best I Ever Had’ reports Digital Spy. The lawsuit, filed against Drake, Cash Money Records, Universal Music Group and Universal Music Group Distribution, asserts that the song illegally samples Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds’ 1975 song “Fallin’ In Love,” the rights of which are owned by Playboy.

According to court documents, ‘Best I Ever Had’ has been an enormous commercial success and continues: “Each Defendant either knew, or should have reasonably known, that the sound recording [‘Fallin’ in Love’] was protected by copyright. Each Defendant continues to infringe upon Plaintiff’s right in and to the copyrighted sound recording. Playboy Enterprises asks that all infringing works be recalled and destroyed.”

The company’s attorney Neville Johnson of Johnson & Johnson LLP confirmed the suit to MTV US but gave no further comment.
…And jealousy and envy is something that comes with the territory.

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