Twilight Scores Big At The Box Office | Taking In $261.2m Worldwide!

Earlier I told you how the three leading stars of Twilight will be reportedly getting $25m each for the next two Twilight movies. Well for any of you who questioned that huge sum, all you have to do is look at the opening box office figures for Eclipse and all of a sudden those outrageous salaries seem quite justified – as ludicrous as it sounds.

 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse had an amazing weekend at the box-office. It easily took the #1 spot, raking in an estimated 5-day total of $161m dollars. Considering the film cost ‘only’ cost $68m to make, that’ a damn huge profit – and it’s only week one.


One response

  1. Nobody should be surprised by the success of Eclipse, its a wonderful film.I have already been to see it twice and may even go for a third time soon.LOL

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