50 Cent Starts Petition Against Diddy!

50 Cent just loves a bit of controversy. Usually it’s in the form of a song or an interview. But Fiddy has taken his ‘beef’ with P Diddy to new levels, as he’s now started a twitter campaign against the Bad Boy CEO, reports RapRadar.

Fiddy started the viral petition to stop Diddy from “exploiting” the memory of his former artist, The Notorious B.I.G and urges the public to sign up.

The Queens rapper issued the following statement:

“we the undersigned petition… R.I.P B.I.G. – Stop @iamDiddy.

“Enough is enough, Biggie’s name should never have become Diddy’s Black Card. Just check out his latest video “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace” http://www.bit.ly/jay-diddy Let Diddy know to let B.I.G. rest in peace. When was the last time Diddy really was “biggin up his brother,” not biggin up his bank?”

Twitter users can sign the petition here. Why can’t we all just get along?

In a recent radio interview 50 also said the following about Diddy:

“Puffy is a bitch. He wanted to be the hot bitch in his group… You know how an ugly bitch surrounds herself with pretty girls? Well, he is the pretty bitch with the other girls around him. He will suck the life out of everyone he is around. His music sucks. It’s bad. He’s not an artist anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. When you think about it, is he a rapper? Because he says he doesn’t write rhymes, he writes cheques. Nobody’s buying [‘Last Train to Paris‘] he even said it himself that he doesn’t expect it to sell.”

Damn! Fiddy’s turing into a bit of a hater.


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