Leona Lewis’ Ex Wants A BIG Cash Payment!

Leona Lewis and long term boyfriend Lou Al-Chamaa split up last month after dating for over ten years. Now reports are suggesting that Leona’s jilted ex wants £1.5 million of the singers £10 million plus fortune, as he believes he played a big part in the singers success. Leona has allegedly offered her ex their Hackney flat, but reports claim that he believe he’s entitled to a lot more.

A source says:

“He believes he has played a huge role in Leona’s success. They have been together for more than ten years and he has encouraged her to fulfil her potential. He believes he has the rights of a common-law husband. He even filled in her X Factor application form and believes he then played a huge role in her success… He claims he owns a piece of some of her songs and should benefit financially. She has offered him their house in Hackney but he insists that is not enough. It looks like it could get messy.”They’re not married and don’t have any children together, so normally an ex partner shouldn’t be entitled to a payout. But these two have been together for over ten years (which is longer than most married couples in Hollywood) and he’s clearly been a very supportive factor in Leona’s life for over a decade, so this is a really complicated one. It could get a bit messy.

Hopefully they can sort it out amicably.


One response

  1. Leona is a sweet person, i hope they resolve this matter soon, inorder not to disrupt her music career. she is doing very well and deserves her success.

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