Farewell To The Hills!

Last night I watched the Hills Finale. As you are all aware by now I’m a huge Hills fans. I’ve watched it since Laguna Beach, so I’ve been following these guys for the last six years: Through their ups and downs, highs and lows, the breakups and make-ups and all the drama – and there have been lots of drama.

The final episode was probably the most drama free, calm episode of the shows history. It was clear they were stretched for stories to end it on and had this concept that Kristen Cavallari was moving to Europe. So it was kind of like the ‘farewell Kristen’ ending. I’m pretty sure Kristen has know plans on moving to this side of the pond any time soon as I’ve seen her on many chat shows and interviews expressing her desire to start a career behind the scenes, as she’s planning on developing and producing an AMERICAN reality show. So that leaves little time for her “to find out who she really is” in Europe. But hey, they needed a story line and it was fitting the cause.

I liked that the final episode was calm and drama free. When a story ends it needs to have closure and if it ended with ‘drama’ it would have felt somewhat incomplete.

The ending scene really plays on the ‘is it fake?’ rumours, as it turns out the final scene they ended the show on was indeed staged.  I thought it was a very clever idea. It played on the fake rumour very well, but did it in such a touching, cool and smart way. There’s no doubt a lot of the Hills was staged and put together by producers, but there’s no denying parts of it were very real as well; eg, Spencer Pratt’s crazy temper, Heidi Montag morphing into a ‘Barbie’ and drifting away from her family, Audrina Patridge’s unconditional love and rocky relationship with Justin Bobby and most memorable to Hills fans, LC and Heidi’s infamous fall out – “You know what you did”.

At the shows wrap up party, original cast members Lauren Conrad and The City star Whitney Port turned up to celebrate the ending of the show they played a huge part in making a cult classic. All of the ladies, including Lo Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt looked amazing at the event, which took place at the Roosevelt hotel.

Two key cast members who were noticeably absent were Heidi and Spencer (formally of Speidi). The pair were fired from the show and banned from the party after falling out with the director and the MTV producers. Heidi followed the orders to stay away, but her fame hungry soon to be ex husband tried his hardest to crash the part, turning up looking slightly crazy in an old man disguise (picture below). He even through his own ‘Hills’ party on the other side of the street.

Well the show maybe officially over, but the drama sure isn’t.


5 responses

  1. I have been an avid fan of the Hills, am very sad that it has ended. Am secretly praying that they will change their minds. Pray hard all ye godly folks.

  2. OMgosh! I nearly cried when the finale showed I like live the hills! lol and when the slow version of unwritten played that was when I came unloose crying like a new born child lol:) I love your blog Im new check me out sometime!!


  3. Am already missing the hills. iIhave been crying non stop. It,s good i have recorded the old ones , so i will watch them when i am feeling sad.

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